Lately, my studio has seen a lot of weddings!

From painting a scene at the wedding to soft hand-drawn portraits to brighter painted bridal portraits, I am honored to have helped these couples celebrate their special day.

Iphone Jan 2015 106

(Me, Liz, working on the wedding scene painting)

Painting a wedding scene is a beautiful gift for a newlywed couple! I used oil paints to capture this reception scene. I arrived an hour before the guests and wedding party arrived and then painted until the bride and groom left. Now this couple has a lovely piece of art to memorialize their wedding.

Iphone Jan 2015 101

(The reception setup at a wedding I painted)

Iphone Jan 2015 113

(The finished wedding painting!)

Some brides want special hand-drawn portraits of themselves in their wedding dresses. Drawn portraits have such a lovely, romantic feel.

phone feb 2015 119

(Closeup of a drawn bridal portrait in progress)

bridal sketch

(A finished drawn bridal portrait)

For brides that want a more colorful piece of art, oil painted portraits are perfect. The color and texture conveys the brightness and happiness of the day and the bride.

bridal painting

(Oil painting of a bride)

Weddings, in all their beauty and ceremony, are the perfect subject for art. Wedding portraiture is a wonderful way for a couple to begin their art collection for their family.

To find out more about booking Liz Lindstrom for your wedding or bridal portraits, visit her website or send her an email at

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