I Made This for You

What is it that humans bring to the table that machines do not? How does the touch of a living, breathing being change the dynamic of an experience to the point that it causes others to feel? We feel the presence of life in our surroundings. We sense it. It seeps into the biscuits and gravy our grandmothers make for breakfast and the pen scribbling of our toddlers. I see the imperfections that trickle through even the most professional works of art as essential, because humans are alive.


“Kate,” 18″x 22,” charcoal and conte mix displayed in client’s home.

These qualitative textures make portraiture what it is. Especially with the advent of the technology age when we all literally have cameras at our fingertips, the art of portraiture is elevated to a different status. It strikes a chord in our hearts when we see the essence of our child in the colors that dance across his or her face. The subtle, seemingly erring marks draw our eyes to the adorable crinkles around his or her spritely smirk. These minute details express the movement of the artist and we feel it. It move us.


“Jack,” 24″x 30,” oil on canvas adding warmth and depth to the room.

It’s why I make portraits. I love the way they connect us to each other, to the past, and to the future. Machines serve a valid purpose, but when it comes to capturing the human spirit, we sacrifice quality for convince when we neglect our art. We deserve to preserve the extraordinary marrow of our lives through the unmatched medium of homemade art be it fine or folk.


Vintage Russian portrait and folk art pieces that are part of my family’s collection.

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